Direct2Guests is a hospitality software company. Our main products are D2G-TV which puts all of your hotel services onto your existing in-room televisions and D2G-Ci which allows contactless check in and out for your hotel guests.
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Direct2Guests Interactive Hotel IPTV

D2G-Tv is Direct 2 Guests’ premier Hotel IPTV System which enhances your guest experience and provides the hotel with a wealth of interactive options and guest data. D2G-Tv not only revolutionizes the guest experience, but it also revolutionizes how you present your services to your guests. D2G-Tv allows you to present the totality of your hotel offerings right on your existing in-room televisions. Hotel scan monetize their movie library, increase the rate of room service orders, push custom offers and advertise promotions. This system turns your in-room televisions into reliable revenue generating assets.
Contactless Check-In D2G-Ci
D2G-Ci is Direct 2 Guests’ solution to current challenging times - contactless check-in. More and more travelers are looking for ways they can check-in whilst minimizing contact with hotel staff or bypassing lengthy lines. This can be either for health reasons or for convenience purposes. D2G-Ci gives hotels the option of either managing the entire process through a mobile app or through dedicated in-lobby kiosks. You know your hotel and your guest needs - let us know what works best for you.

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